We’re excited that you’re ready to care for online Explorers. Let’s get your church started!

Bridging the gap between 
online Explorers
 and your church

People in your city are looking for answers —now more than ever. But instead of turning to the Church for help, people are searching online.

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We believe that your church has the message and ministry to help, which is why Gloo Connect now helps you reach even more people in your city when they need it most.

Here’s how it works

An Explorer searches online for answers


They receive a message of hope and an invitation to connect


We connect them with you so you can do what you do best, minister and serve the people

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Explorers need and want someone to talk to

Your church is already equipped to care for people in need. As more Explorers reach out to talk to someone, is your church ready to help? This is how we, as the local church, partner to serve the community together.

Topics currently viewed most by online Explorers

Stories of people looking for answers

Real conversations are happening between people online and local churches in your city. Grow your local impact when the ministry opportunities come right to you.


“My marriage is falling apart and I’m worried that this is it.”


“I feel like I have no friends and that no one cares about me.”


“My family is across the country so when I’m feeling anxious, it’s hard to know who I can ask for help.”


“My husband recently passed away and I’m struggling to figure out what life looks like without him here.”

Is your Church ready to help?

We’re excited that you’re ready to care for online Explorers. Let’s get your church started!

Jared Craft

Jared Craft - Online Pastor, LeaveAMark Church, OH

"We've been up and running with [Gloo Connect] and I've had so many referrals come in. I've got people connected to our recovery ministry, counseling, and some elderly couples. It's quite a resource for getting our community connected. Thank you so much for your help on this."

Brooke Powell

Brooke Powell - Operations, Love KC, KS

“I had a great conversation with a woman who said she felt the Spirit when I prayed for her. I’m going to keep praying and I’m expecting God to move in mighty ways in her life! I’m so thankful for this opportunity to meet these people and have some eternal impact on their lives. What an honor and a blessing.”

Scott Henze

Scott Henze - Sr Pastor, St Paul Lutheran Church, FL

“Through Gloo Connect, we are reaching new people in our community. We have received several prayer requests from people who found us online through Gloo. A few weeks ago we had someone attend a service! These are people we wouldn’t be reaching on our own.”

Sarah Hester

Sarah Hester - Communications Director, Valley View Christian Church, DFW

“I was able to connect with them over shared experiences and give specific help to her unique issue. God-ordained matching! I invited her and her boyfriend to our church service, and they are excited to visit and chat in person. Great experience through Gloo Connect!”

Your church’s role

Designate someone on your team to receive incoming responses

Most churches receive a couple connections per week

Provide a caring conversation for people looking for answers

Reach out to the Explorer ASAP (within 12 hours) to schedule a time to talk

Let us know how it went!

Provide ongoing feedback on the Explorer connections and process so we can continue to improve your experience

Ready to get local ministry opportunities, sent right to your inbox?

We’re excited that you’re ready to care for online Explorers. Let’s get your church started!


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